Our Services 

What Kadosh Marketing offers you  

We deliver a broad range of services that guarantees measurable results and a positive impact on your business.

We set appointments for marketing consultants countrywide.

We have dedicated and well trained staff who are able to consistently provide appointments in a timely and cost-effective manner by booking appointments geographically and according to your own diary requirements.

We provide a bilingual service in both English and Afrikaans.

  • We specialize in:  
  • Short Term Medical
  • Life Insurance - Full FNA - Invest - Retirement
  • Automotive - booking test drives
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Lead Generation
  • Security - securing appointments for large and medium security companies
  • Inbound calls – receiving calls for large companies with their FAQ & technical assistance regarding their product. We let you focus on your core business.
  • Outbound call center


Important Points to Remember: 

  • Look at what we tell the prospect during the course of setting up the appointment and build your introduction around this.
  • Try to avoid talking directly about insurance and products over the phone, this is paramount to selling over the phone.
  • It is of immense importance to build the relationship with the cold call prospect first. The intention is to create a positive relationship where the prospect can then become a new client, in other words – create value.
  • Please be mindful that they are cold call prospects via our canvassing system and their needs have not been discussed with regards to shortcomings within their portfolios and specific needs in general etc. We are restricted by the FSB in giving advice to prospective client over the phone or asking for personal portfolio information as we are not registered with the FSB as an authorized Financial Service provider. 

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